20 Keys to Workplace Improvement

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The 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement System brings together twenty of the world’s top manufacturing improvement approaches and integrates them into a system for revolutionizing your manufacturing organization.

This revised edition of Kobayashi’s best seller amplifies the synergistic power of raising the levels of all these critical areas simultaneously. Includes new material, updated layout, valuable case studies, and upgraded scoring criteria. Discover how you can leverage improvements to develop a less expensive, faster, safer system for producing a higher quality product.

The techniques shared in this book will position your organization to adapt quickly to changing customer needs. Use it with your entire management team to start making company wide improvements now. This book amplifies the synergistic power of raising the levels of all these critical areas simultaneously.

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This is the first work I have read that sets a structure and framework for organizations to follow if they wish to revolutionize the workplace. Kobayashi has removed the mystery of how to accomplish major improvement in a business. His insight is true genius!

An extraordinarily powerful book...pulls together all the strands of world class manufacturing into a package which is readily understandable at all levels of an organization. By using simple drawings Kobayashi truly demonstrates that 'every picture speaks a thousand words' and in the process produces a methodology which ensures that everyone will work together for the common good. Not only does it inspire; it also shows how to achieve.

Use this well-written book as your main guide to lean production. By mastering the 20 keys a company can reach greatness. In today’s competitive global environment, applying the 20 Keys is a vital undertaking and a major step toward evolving into a lean enterprise.

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