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The courses consist of studying a particular Key (study material is available online), then doing a Quiz on it, which must be passed (a few tries are allowed), after which the learner needs to complete a Practical, in the workplace, Project.

All instructions for doing the Quizzes and Practical Projects are available online. Required evidence for the project is then submitted online in report format, with supporting documentation, statistics, photographs, etc.

The project submission is assessed online, with comments and advice on strengthening it (a few submissions/refinements are allowed).

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon successful completion of a course (for each Key).

For organisations, the benefit is not just understanding of the Keys, but tangible Quality, Cost Effectiveness, Delivery, Safety, and Morale improvements from the projects.

Learners are encouraged, and support is provided, to select projects which are aligned with the current issues in their workplaces and ones which will impact in a tangible way on operations.

An individual person in an organisation may enrol, and it can be anyone, a team member, Key Leader, or any manager. Learners may also be from any direct or indirect function in the organisation.

Where more than one person from an organisation enrols for a Key a WhatsApp group is formed (per key) where learners may ask questions and where successes are shared.

The service is reserved for current 20 Keys clients.

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