News & ArticlesThe impact of learning on thinking patterns, emotions and behaviours

As a facilitator, it is only natural to wonder what goes on in the heads of your learners, especially on their first day. You also wonder whether the things that you say and do in the classroom and the learning that takes place, really takes root and actively influence thinking patterns, emotions and behaviours.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to do a little survey with one of my groups, CTP NQF2 Production Technology Group 3.

I handed two pieces of paper to every learner, marked “day1” and “day11”. On these papers, they should describe with a number of words or sentences how they felt on day 1 (introduction to the course) and how they feel on day 11 (ending off module 6). They did this anonymously. Below are the responses in their own words:

Day 1 (Introduction to the course)Day 11 (rounding-off of module 6)
Learner 1
I felt nervous and curious at the same time, because I didn’t know what to expect. I felt excited for the journey ahead.I’ve learned so many things and ways on how to be more productive and efficient. So many of what I’ve learned, I have already implemented at home and at work
Learner 2
Confused, emotional, felt like a closed bookOutspoken, positive
Learner 3
Nervous, didn’t know what to expectComfortable. Have learned a lot and facilitator made it easy & practical. Very much nervous for the presentation, though…..which I know it’s a bit soon to worry…..
Learner 4
My first day was very difficult in the sense of thinking out loud, because it felt awkward.Today, I feel like I can just stand up and talk to anyone in the room. Where the learning is concerned, my work may not be up to date, but I learnt a lot of things that I can do in everyday doings
Learner 5
This day was a bit tense, since it was the first day to meet with the rest of the classToday, it was very much encouraging compared to other days. Was much more of a teamwork, everyone assisting one another. I enjoyed the level of communication.
Learner 6
Excited, didn’t know what to expect, thought it would be difficult and boringNow always looking forward to my next class. Excited to take what I learned to the workplace.
Learner 7
I was nervous and not sure if I would be able to complete thisOn day 11 I am confident that this is what I want and that I’m definitely going to complete!! Thank you (with a heart emoji)☺
Learner 8
It was hard, scared, not sure if I want to continue with the courseEverything is clear and I see where I’m going. I’ve gained much confidence and I believe I can do this.
Learner 9
Very nervous. Anxious, but eager to learn. A bit shy to talk and participate. A bit shy to talk to my classmates.Eager, excited, talkative to a certain extent. Participate in activities. Communicate well with the rest of the class. More relaxed and confident in communicating.
Learner 10
Very nervous and excited, not knowing what we’re going to learnComfortable about the course and glad I did it.
Learner 11
Yhooo, this day, one of the most stressed days in this year, because of not knowing what this class is all aboutA little bit of stress because of presentation we gonna do at the end of the course, but all other things I’ve learned give me the clarity on what to I’m doing in the workplace and how important I am.
Learner 12
I hope I make it!!!!Will I be able to do this in time
Learner 13
Fearful, nervous, anxious. First question I had for myself was “what did I get myself into?” I did not know how I was going to cope with all this information. Facilitator looked stern.Pleased, confident, happy, comfortable. I am at that point that I am proud of myself. I didn’t expect that the class was going to be so interactive. We all work well together. Facilitator Valery is a super, awesome woman. She is part of my growth, because she loves what she is doing and it makes me want to achieve this NQF2 certificate.

Does what we do and say as facilitators make a positive impact on the thinking patterns and behaviours of our learners?

Well, after reading the above, there is not a single doubt in my mind. These are the reasons for getting up in the morning. After reading the feedback from the learners, I feel inspired, motivated and encouraged. Big ups to each and every facilitator out there!